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NameDonorBinding SiteNeutralization breadth at IC50 < 50 μg/ml, %*Neutralization breadth at IC80 < 50 μg/ml, %**Neutralization potency (in μg/ml)Reference (s)PDB structure(s)
12A12Patient 12CD4bs100950.0621764753NA
12A21Patient 12CD4bs87 NA NA21764753 4JPW
3BNC117Patient 3CD4bs100950.0621764753 4JPV 4LSV
3BNC60Patient 3CD4bs100 NA NA21764753 3RPI 4GW4
b12unknownCD4bs70 NA2.82 20616233 2NY7 3RU8
CH103CH505CD4bs55 NA0.1823552890 4JAN 4JAM
HJ16VI 3208CD4bs36 NA NA20098712NA
NIH45-46Donor 45CD4bs1001000.0721764753 3U7Y 3U7W
VRC-CH30Donor 0219CD4bs8580 NA21835983NA
VRC-CH31Donor 0219CD4bs84 NA0.1421835983 4LSP 4LSQ 4LSR
VRC-CH32Donor 0219CD4bs8075 NA21835983NA
VRC-CH33Donor 0219CD4bs9080 NA21835983NA
VRC-CH34Donor 0219CD4bs8075 NA21835983NA
VRC-PG04Donor 74CD4bs76740.1421835983 3SE9 4I3R 4I3S 3J5M
VRC-PG04bDonor 74CD4bs7164 NA21835983NA
VRC-PG20IAVI 23CD4bs0.77 NA NA23911655 4LAJ 4LSU
VRC01Donor 45CD4bs93890.32 20616233 3NGB 4LSS 4LST
VRC02Donor 45CD4bs91880.1320616233NA
VRC03Donor 45CD4bs57480.2720616233 3SE8
VRC07Donor 45CD4bs97? NA25142607 4OLU
VRC23127/CCD4bs2.7 NA NA23661761 4J6R

* Percent viruses neutralized with an IC50 < 50 μg/mg
** Percent viruses neutralized with an IC80 < 50 μg/mg

Key/Legend for Neutralization Breadth
Color Description
Neutralization > 90%
90% >= Neutralization > 60%
60% >= Neutralization > 30%
Neutralization < 30%
Neutralization data is not available in bNAber database
Key/Legend for Neutralization Potency
Color Description
Potency < 0.2 μg/ml
0.2 μg/ml <=Potency < 2 μg/ml
2 μg/ml <= Potency < 20 μg/ml
Potency data is not available in bNAber database