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NameDonorBinding SiteNeutralization breadth at IC50 < 50 μg/ml, %*Neutralization breadth at IC80 < 50 μg/ml, %**Neutralization potency (in μg/ml)Reference (s)PDB structure(s)
PGDM1400Donor 84NA0.0030.003 NA2147483647 4RQQ
PGDM1401Donor 84NA0.0050.005 NA25422458NA
PGDM1402Donor 84NA NA NA NA25422458NA
PGDM1403Donor 84NA0.0410.041 NA25422458NA
PGDM1404Donor 84NA0.0440.044 NA25422458NA
PGDM1405Donor 84NA0.0060.006 NA25422458NA
PGDM1406Donor 84NA0.1730.173 NA25422458NA
PGDM1407Donor 84NA NA NA NA25422458NA
PGDM1408Donor 84NA NA NA NA25422458NA
PGDM1409Donor 84NA NA NA NA25422458NA
PGDM1410Donor 84NA NA NA NA25422458NA
PGDM1411Donor 84NA NA NA NA25422458NA
PGDM1412Donor 84NA NA NA NA25422458NA

* Percent viruses neutralized with an IC50 < 50 μg/mg
** Percent viruses neutralized with an IC80 < 50 μg/mg

Key/Legend for Neutralization Breadth
Color Description
Neutralization > 90%
90% >= Neutralization > 60%
60% >= Neutralization > 30%
Neutralization < 30%
Neutralization data is not available in bNAber database
Key/Legend for Neutralization Potency
Color Description
Potency < 0.2 μg/ml
0.2 μg/ml <=Potency < 2 μg/ml
2 μg/ml <= Potency < 20 μg/ml
Potency data is not available in bNAber database