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First isolation paper
Breadth of neutralization with IC50 less 50 μg per ml (ex: 80)
Test isolates description (ex: 178 isolates representing major HIV-1 clades)
Breadth of neutralization with IC80 or IC90 less 50 μg per ml (ex: 80)
Potency (median of IC50 for viruses neutralized at IC50 <50 μg
Ab sequence heavy chain (ex: GI:294875838)
Ab sequence light chain (ex: GI:294875848)
Heavy chain V (ex: IGHV1-02*02 )
Heavy chain D (ex: IGHD3-16*01)
Heavy chain J (ex: IGHJ1*01)
Light chain V (ex: IGKV3-11*01)
Light chain J (ex: IGKJ2*01)
Germline Ab sequence
ENV mutations affecting neutralization/binding
Competing Ab
Ab mutations affecting neutralization/binding
EM structure in Electron Microscopy Data Bank (ex: EMD-2241)
Structure PDB ID (ex: PDB 3SE9)
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