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NameDonorBinding SiteNeutralization breadth at IC50 < 50 μg/ml, %*Neutralization breadth at IC80 < 50 μg/ml, %**Neutralization potency (in μg/ml)Reference (s)PDB structure(s)
CAP256-VRC26.01CAP256V1/V21.88 NA NA24590074 4OCR
CAP256-VRC26.02CAP256V1/V20.4 NA NA24590074NA
CAP256-VRC26.03CAP256V1/V20.08 NA NA24590074 4OD1
CAP256-VRC26.04CAP256V1/V20.32 NA NA24590074NA
CAP256-VRC26.05CAP256V1/V20.1 NA NA24590074NA
CAP256-VRC26.06CAP256V1/V20.3812 NA24590074 4OCW
CAP256-VRC26.07CAP256V1/V21.51 NA NA24590074NA
CAP256-VRC26.08CAP256V1/V20.1147 NA24590074NA
CAP256-VRC26.09CAP256V1/V20.07 NA NA24590074NA
CAP256-VRC26.10CAP256V1/V20.6 NA NA24590074NA
CAP256-VRC26.11CAP256V1/V20.94 NA NA24590074NA
CAP256-VRC26.12CAP256V1/V20.49 NA NA24590074NA
CH01Subject CH0219V1/V246 NA NA21795340NA
CH02Subject CH0219V1/V236 NA NA21795340NA
CH03Subject CH0219V1/V245 NA NA21795340NA
CH04Subject CH0219V1/V245 NA NA21795340 3TCL 3U46 3U4B
PG16Protocol G African donor 24V1/V274 NA0.0219729618 3LRS 3MME 3MUG 4DQO
PG9Protocol G African donor 24V1/V279510.23 19729618 3U36 3U2S 3MUH 3U4E
PGT141Donor 84V1/V256350.35 21849977NA
PGT142Donor 84V1/V257400.21 21849977NA
PGT143Donor 84V1/V256330.31 21849977NA
PGT144Donor 84V1/V238142.06 21849977NA
PGT145Donor 84V1/V278530.29 21849977 3U1S

* Percent viruses neutralized with an IC50 < 50 μg/mg
** Percent viruses neutralized with an IC80 < 50 μg/mg

Key/Legend for Neutralization Breadth
Color Description
Neutralization > 90%
90% >= Neutralization > 60%
60% >= Neutralization > 30%
Neutralization < 30%
Neutralization data is not available in bNAber database
Key/Legend for Neutralization Potency
Color Description
Potency < 0.2 μg/ml
0.2 μg/ml <=Potency < 2 μg/ml
2 μg/ml <= Potency < 20 μg/ml
Potency data is not available in bNAber database