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NameDonorBinding SiteNeutralization breadth at IC50 < 50 μg/ml, %*Neutralization breadth at IC80 < 50 μg/ml, %**Neutralization potency (in μg/ml)Reference (s)PDB structure(s)
10-1074Donor 17V3 glycan5756 NA23115339 4FQ2
447-52DunknownV3 glycan NA NA NA20098712 3C2A 1Q1J 3GHB 4M1D
HGN194VI 3265V3 glycan0.02 NA NA20098712NA
PGT121Donor 17V3 glycan70550.03 21849977 4FQ1 4FQC 4JY4
PGT122Donor 17V3 glycan65540.05 21849977 4JY5 4NCO
PGT123Donor 17V3 glycan67520.03 21849977 4JY6
PGT125Donor 36V3 glycan52370.04 21849977NA
PGT126Donor 36V3 glycan60450.04 21849977NA
PGT127Donor 36V3 glycan50360.08 21849977 3TWC
PGT128Donor 36V3 glycan72570.02 21849977 3TV3 3TYG
PGT130Donor 36V3 glycan52280.16 21849977NA
PGT131Donor 36V3 glycan40190.52 21849977NA
PGT135Donor 39V3 glycan33170.17 21849977 4JM2 4JM4
PGT136Donor 39V3 glycan1657.81 23024643NA
PGT137Donor 39V3 glycan2273.46 23024643NA

* Percent viruses neutralized with an IC50 < 50 μg/mg
** Percent viruses neutralized with an IC80 < 50 μg/mg

Key/Legend for Neutralization Breadth
Color Description
Neutralization > 90%
90% >= Neutralization > 60%
60% >= Neutralization > 30%
Neutralization < 30%
Neutralization data is not available in bNAber database
Key/Legend for Neutralization Potency
Color Description
Potency < 0.2 μg/ml
0.2 μg/ml <=Potency < 2 μg/ml
2 μg/ml <= Potency < 20 μg/ml
Potency data is not available in bNAber database